Solutions for air purification

Production filters of any size
Standard and non-standard filtering equipment
Ariafil designs and manufactures filters of any size (standard and non-standard) to various sectors: air treatment units, air conditioning systems, body shops, painting systems, etc. All Ariafil products are characterized by high to remove impurities.

Production of filters with custom labels
Your logo for your filter
Do you want to customize your filters with your company's label? On some Ariafil filters, it is possible to affix personalized labels, such as your company logo or other text of your choice.

Application of barcodes on filters
Filters with barcodes
Ariafil can affix any barcodes to your filters.

Customized packaging of products
Customized packaging
Thanks to its personalized packaging, Ariafil combines functionality and design.

Loss of head test with certification
Purity, put to the test
The purpose of this test is to verify the power of the filtering media to reduce and hold impurities as a function of the air speed. The test takes place in a specific conduit, to which an electric extraction fan and perforated plates are attached.

Specific filters (with the customer's design)
You do the design and we do the rest
Ariafil also produces filters based on the specifications required by the customer. Bring us your designs and leave the rest to us.